Advice to Somerset House Summer Screen visitors

Somerset House for the last few years has screened some open air movies each summer. Here’s some advice if you’re going.

  • Do arrive 2+ hours before the movie starts when the doors open, as space goes quickly and you’ll want to stake your claim. Have a picnic.
  • Do not bring any glass bottles, they’ll only make you decant it all into plastic cups before entry.
  • Do bring a blanket and some cushions to sit on. There’s no seats, just the stone floor of the courtyard. They sell blankets and cushions at extortionate prices.
  • Do bring plenty of food and drink, otherwise you’ll have to pay extortionate prices at their (cash only) bar.
  • Do get cash out first, if you’re going to give them money. They don’t accept plastic and have no cash machines, and there is no re-admittance.
  • Do get your junk food first and bring it in. Pizza Express, Krispy Kreme and Caffé Nero are all nearby if you crave them, but there is no re-admittance.
  • Do bring umbrellaswaterproofs. This is British Summer – it might rain (or hail!). That would be pretty miserable and I’m not sure I’d stay in that, but bring them anyway!
  • Do bring extra layers of clothing and maybe an extra blanket. Sitting still at night can be cold even in the summer.

We only failed at bit at the last one, having brought only one extra layer of clothing, but it wasn’t too bad. Experience highly recommended!