If you can find them, you can call the A-Team

Andrew, if you still haven’t had a reply (and in general if anyone is getting nowhere with a technical problem related to lug.org.uk services) then drop a line to admin AT lug.org.uk and we lug.org.uk admins will look into it.

2 thoughts on “If you can find them, you can call the A-Team

  1. Fintan, what do you mean “not the only one”? Andrew was talking about mailing the list admin for the one LUG, i.e. something to do with that LUG, not admins for lug.org.uk itself.

    In your case we have replied to all your mails, repeatedly. I personally have asked you the same questions twice now, and I have seen others do so too. There is a limit to how many times we’ll do that before giving up. If you want some movement then I advise you look at the mails you received from us, find the questions in them and respond to them.

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