2 thoughts on “Apple community eats one of its own

  1. A very interesting post that. My opinion has always been that you must know about the tools you use. We do not let just anyone just jump into a car and start driving it, for example, they need to take lessons first. Otherwise you should stick to the bus.

    It is similar with a multi-purpose personal computer, if you are not willing to read and learn then you should have something else, perhaps an embedded internet tablet appliance.

    That user thinks that he is a Mac genius and installs a load of weird third party stuff, he then starts to randomly delete folders that he does not recognise (i.e. the /usr folder), and then blames Apple and everyone else that his computer does not work. Even though /usr is a core part of OS X, he describes that folder as ‘Unix’ which, he argues, means he should not have to learn about that. Very weird and circular argument indeed.

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