Dear Lazyweb, where’s my power beep gone in Ubuntu?

Update: Solved! Someone pointed me to the “beep” track of the volume control, which was hidden and muted.

Last month I upgraded my ThinkPad R61 to Ubuntu Jaunty. Recently I noticed that I no longer have the beep when taking it on or off of AC power. I don’t know if it has always been missing since it was installed, or if it went away some time after. The beep still happens at all times prior to the kernel loading, so I don’t think this is BIOS or hardware related. The power applet does know when I am on AC power (or not), and seems able to estimate battery life reasonably well.

Anyone had that before?

2 thoughts on “Dear Lazyweb, where’s my power beep gone in Ubuntu?

  1. I also have this problem. Just stumbled on your post while trying to find out why my R61 does this. Does yours have an nVidia graphics card? Reason I ask is I work for Messagelabs and all of the machines people use there are R61’s and a large proportion of them are running Linux yet I am the only one that gets this problem.

    Maybe we should compare hardware and see if we can find out why our laptops do this.

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