You’re going to love it!

Laura, I too was a big fan of The West Wing so I was really happy when I heard about Studio 60 (careful, major spoilers in that article!). In fact I have already downloaded and watched them all, and I really wasn’t disappointed! I don’t think you will be either.

As with West Wing, it’s the strong set of characters that does it and although the actors from the West Wing are as good as they’ve ever been I was pleased to discover that the rest of the cast shines equally bright, if not brighter. Now it’s all over, looking back I find my favourite characters were played by actors who are new to me.

I heard that it didn’t really get very good ratings in the US though so they’ve cancelled it after only one season. That’s a real shame.

So much in common

My father talking about their new foster child:

Oh you’ll like her, you have lots in common: she’s vegetarian!

She’s also 14 (I’m 31) so presumably when we hit a dry spot in conversation we’ll always have Quorn.

Update: Having been up to Birmingham to visit family I find out she’s no longer vegetarian! Fortunately we did find a few other topics of conversation.