Slightly broken feeds

There seems to be something slightly broken with my feed URLs at the moment, the ones at the bottom of the page. For some reason they have ‘feed:’ prepended to them which of course confuses the browsers and aggregators because they try to use ‘feed’ as a protocol.

I’m looking into this and don’t know whether it’s a problem with my WordPress setup or my theme or what, but for now if you want to subscribe just use or as the URLs. Thanks!

Update: I fixed it. It was something strange in the theme. I found the timing and database query stats commented out as well, so uncommented them just for the sake of it.

My First Blog™

So I’ve installed my first ever blog. What has this accomplished so far? Not a lot, however I am impressed by:

  • The swishness of the AJAX-powered editing window, with its resize and raw HTML editing, etc.
  • The overall speed and cleanliness of the WordPress interface

Yes, WordPress is very impressive. And Free! For the very briefest of moments I considered just signing up at blogspot or something, but I quickly came to my senses – if this is worth doing then it’s worth doing well!

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