Why can’t a British company do something like Game of Thrones?

The first season of Game of Thrones finished this week and I have to say, I found it compelling entertainment.

Given its strong British cast (Sean Bean, Mark Addy, Michelle Fairley, Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke, …) and filming locations predominantly in Northern Ireland, why could this not have been a British production instead of an HBO one?

Outside the sitcom genre it seems like we have so few decent TV series in the UK compared to those in the US. There have been a few notable exceptions for me, like Luther and Sherlock. Other than that, what has there been?

I realise this is, as jwz would put it, farting in nerd church, but is Doctor Who the best we have to offer the world?

I feel like I am supposed to like that show. I want to like that show. Every time I’ve tried to watch that show, I’ve been disappointed by the poor story lines, script, acting and special effects. Yet as far as I can see this thing has a budget of £10million per series or something. I can’t like that show, sorry.

There, I said it. Are some nice men from Auntie going to come and confiscate my TV licence now?

Burn Notice’s Gabrielle Anwar and Bruce Campbell

We’re quite enjoying Burn Notice at the moment.

There’s something strangely familiar about Gabrielle Anwar. I looked at her IMDB and nothing really stood out (except possibly Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead).

And then I got to Press Gang. Sam Black!

The other one I should really have known, but must admit I didn’t even consider until I noticed his name in the credits. How could I have failed to recognise Bruce Campbell!? I suppose there’s not enough zombies in Miami. Is that why his character is called Sam Axe?