New fileserver for home

specialbrew's disks

Recently my fileserver, becks, was not only getting filled to capacity but was also undergoing some severe performance problems. It’s by no means a poorly-specced machine (not for home use anyway) but my use of rsnapshot has grown so much in the last 6 months that it was no longer up to the job.

Read on for the saga of its replacement.

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Private voting in Debian?

Martin, why would you want voting private? In most societies and voting systems people are entitled to their opinions, to state them, and campaign on behalf of others if they like.

Note that I’m not expressing any opinion on the content of these posts (I haven’t been following it and I’m not a DD anyway, so my opinion isn’t worth much), only that I can’t understand why you’d want to stop people making them.

Linux Gazette — Configuring Apache for Maximum Performance

Linux Gazette has an interesting article on Configuring Apache for Maximum Performance. It’s a good read and I can’t find fault with anything said, although it would have been nice if it touched on some of the alternative lightweight web servers out there, especially for the static content, e.g. Lighttpd (now in Sarge backports!). But then, it was about Apache I suppose.

Luckily I also came across another article about using Lighttpd to serve certain content behind Apache.

“The following signatures couldn’t be verified”

The last two days I’ve been getting the following breakage email from the daily updates script on one of my etch Xen domains:

W: GPG error: etch
Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified
because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY
W: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems

On further investigaton it seems to be because etch’s APT is now checking signatures against a GPG key I do not have configured. Thanks to JackieBrown’s post at DebCentral (and Google), a solution is found. Read more on the wiki.