OneRNG kickstarter arrived!

My OneRNG kickstarter arrived today. I had five units, so I chose three external models and two internal ones. The finish of the external model isn’t really up to the quality of an Entropy Key. Here’s a picture of them together.

OneRNG external and Entropy Key

Given that the external model looks rather flimsy — I could imagine it getting snapped in half if someone bumped into it — I think I’d probably prefer the internal model in practice. Here’s what that looks like:

OneRNG Internal

The three different connectors are to try to ensure you can find a useful connection angle no matter how your motherboard’s internal USB headers are laid out.

I haven’t yet plugged them in to check out how they work. This is probably going to have to wait a few weeks as I have quite a lot on.

Assuming they work about as well as the Entropy Keys then I only need to keep two of these for myself, so if anyone wants one I would be willing to sell it on to you at cost plus postage.

2 thoughts on “OneRNG kickstarter arrived!

  1. Hi mate,

    I’m looking for one of these External USB but the online shop is out of stock. Do you still have an extra one that I can purchase from you at cost?


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