Too harsh on the recruiters?

I just rejected a recruiter’s job advert from the linuxjobs moderation queue because it had a useless subject line (“Job Posting”) and was in HTML. I requested that they repost with a useful subject line and in plain text.

They have just responded with:

Thanks for your email but apologies I don’t know what you mean by “plain text”!!

Their post wasn’t really against the rules of the list, so maybe I should have just approved it? Maybe them not being able to write a good ad is just their problem to work out between themselves and potential candidates?

Actually the only reason why I got the chance to moderate it was because they weren’t subscribed to the list. If they’d been subscribed then they would have been able to post with the useless subject and the HTML anyway. And I’d probably have just sighed at it and thought no more. So was it right to moderate it away?