Barclays’ strange priorities

Over the last week I’ve been receiving calls to my mobile from an 0800 number. They’ve been ringing off too quickly for me to catch them, and being as they’re presenting an 0800 number and not leaving a message, I’ve been assuming they’re sales calls that I don’t need to return.

Today I caught one, and it turns out it’s Barclays doing a survey of their business banking. This seems to happen about twice a year, and while it’s nice and all, the fact is that I never have any contact with BitFolk’s business account manager.

In fact, the account manager who first set up BitFolk’s account moved on shortly afterwards, so we were assigned another one, who I’ve never had any contact with. Not even by email. I’m not complaining as I genuinely haven’t needed to talk to the guy.

This would be the fourth of these phone surveys I’ve been given though, and after the first time I just say, “Can I just stop you there. I haven’t ever had any contact with my account manager, so I think most of your questions are going to be irrelevant” and they’ve agreed with me and ended the call.

It seems like a large waste of effort to keep giving me these surveys. Don’t they have records about whether I’ve actually ever talked to the guy?

Still, thanks Barclays for not withholding CLI, and for actually caring what my experience is like.