Dear Lazyweb, can you recommend an issue tracker?

I’m looking for a free, open source web-based issue tracker that I can install and run. I would like it to be able to authenticate off LDAP and allow users to rate the importance of the fixing of each issue, as well as the usual commenting.

I already run Request Tracker and don’t really want to adapt that to do it, I’d prefer something simpler.

Any recommendations? Can trac do it?



davee pointed out that more info is probably needed.

It’s for feature requests for various services. There’s lots of them outstanding, and they’re all good, but I have no idea which ones are in most demand from the customers. So I’d like:

  • for users to be able to submit ideas by web and possibly email
  • rate how much they want them implemented
  • for further discussion to be possible inside the issue tracker (web/email)

I know RT can be made to do it, but I currently have it set up for mostly individual customers to raise issues about their individual service, not for everyone to comment on stuff.