I always find it adorable when Jenny talks to me in her sleep, especially when my responses obviously provoke a reaction without waking her up.

Out of nowhere just now:

Her: Erm. Erm. If you’ve separated all the wood stuff how are you going to separate the rest?

Me: What wood stuff?

Her: From my bit.

(voice manages to convey mild irritation at my lack of understanding)

Me: Your bit of what?

Her: Thing!

(Sleep-Jenny clearly losing patience)

Me: Okay then. We’ll work it out.

Her: Good.

(the world has been set to rights)

In the morning I shall endeavour to find out what her bit is and what apart from wood needs to be separated from it.

One thought on “THING!

  1. In my experience they don’t remember in the morning.

    Most of what Mike says makes little sense but I recall “Radius…. very …hard …problem” at around the time when he was working on radius servers at Demon.

    I sympathise. I dream about work too.

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