Business proposition

I’m wondering if you could take all the “fun” manual jobs like smashing things with hammers, and contract them out to normally-desk-bound people, who do it for minimum wage (for the task at hand). So then you have a large work force who individually only do the manual work for a small part of their time each (e.g. one day a week/month), maintaining their usual career the rest of the time.

What other kinds of manual labour do people enjoy? It’s pretty much just smashing things up for me I think.

2 thoughts on “Business proposition

  1. I do know people who work (usually) in an office that do more tangible things for terrible wages in their spare time – just so they feel like they actually accomplish something. I don’t think I’d be opposed to cooking or hitting things with hammers every once in a while.

  2. Work in a theatre for 1 show. 1 week of very hard work with not much initial experiance needed, and is very enjoyable (That I go bac ever year)

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