The Bedfont Triangle

Since moving in to this flat about 6 weeks ago, the following items have broken or started to behave oddly:

  • Humax PVR started displaying everything in a shade of pink when set to RGB output (like it always has been).
  • One of my LCD panels had its display totally corrupted with a strange tartan effect for about a day, and then went back to working perfectly again without me doing anything.
  • My hair clippers just stopped working, half way through using them.
  • My electric toothbrush wouldn’t turn off for a few minutes, then it stopped and won’t turn back on again now.
  • A brand new wall wart for a wifi access point died after 3 weeks.
  • One of the ports on my desktop switch is permanently lit up while nothing is plugged in. When you plug something in the lights go out.

3 thoughts on “The Bedfont Triangle

  1. How close are you to an electric railway line (above or underground?)
    Anything big and industrial in the area that might be making for a grotty mains supply ?
    How about a static electricity problem when you move around due to carpeting or modern synthetic clothing ?

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