Wanted: photo management software for Linux

Dear Lazyweb, what do you use for managing your photo collections locally?

At the moment I just dump them all in a directory on the file server, with Jenny’s photos in another. I used to use F-spot, which was okay, but then I wanted to store Jenny’s photos separately from my own and there doesn’t seem to be any way to do this. Is the “right” way to do it to just tag them with who took them, or what?

I don’t want to use Flickr or any other hosted service – I want to store my own photos. They are just for viewing locally – I already use Gallery2 for photos I want to publish.

6 thoughts on “Wanted: photo management software for Linux

  1. @Robert, oh, I’d never even bothered looking into picasa since I’d thought (being Google) that it must be a hosted service! My mistake. Does it have support for multiple different storage locations, perhaps with some command line option or whatever?

  2. @popey, actually, am coming around to the idea of separate users now. May as well have our own desktop setups running all the time. Thanks.

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