Death of email?


Chad Lorenz presents a lot of evidence that email is in decline thanks to Facebook and the like:

“Those of us older than 25 can’t imagine a life without e-mail. For the Facebook generation, it’s hard to imagine a life of only e-mail, much less a life before it.”

That’s fine for the kids, they’re attracted to new shiny technologies, the need to be hip and cool daddyo. But have we learnt nothing from Advogato and Orkut? I don’t have time to be maintaining my presence on the current 5 popular social networks and well as continually porting over all of my information every time a new one springs up. Not to mention the fact that these services exist purely to give you advertising and sell your personal information. The kids are welcome to it.

Others have said it better — wake me up when there is the option to own my own data. Until then, well, I’m not hard to find on email, IRC or MSN should anyone really want to.


One thought on “Death of email?

  1. Going to be pedantic here.

    You don’t own your own data if you use MSN, its going through their servers, using their protocols.

    Try jabber, then you will get to choose your server or run your own.


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