4 thoughts on “Too right

  1. As you know I recently joined the Amazon DVD rental thing. Clare enjoys us sitting down to watch a film together. I even massage the list on Amazon to ensure a nice mix of bloke films and chick flicks.

    However it all turns sour when I put the DVD in and the F.A.C.T. advert comes on.

    Me shouting “FUCK OFF!” at the telly at maximum thrust kinda spoils the mood a little. Maybe I should try taking them to court for damaging my marriage. Bastards.

  2. You wouldn’t beat your own mother to death with a DVD you bought…

    Yes, I also go through this rant at the TV every time me and the gf watch a hired/purchased dvd.

  3. It’s a pain. If you get a chipped DVD player you can usually skip the annoying intros. Another popular trick is to eject the disk and reload it, and that often allows you to skip the intros.

    As the poster says, you’ll probably get a better quality DVD by buying a knock-off down the market!

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