aquarius, did you know about rsnapshot before doing this? It seems to do pretty much everything you want. I’ve been using it for several years, and currently back up two local and twelve remote machines ever four hours. I’m very happy with it.

One thought on “rsnapshot?

  1. I did. There are two reasons why I didn’t use it, neither of which you could have gathered from the article, and both related to the need I have to back up my wife’s machine as well as mine.

    My wife’s got a Windows laptop. So right out of the gate there’s a thing against rsnapshot. 🙂 The second reason is that I think rsnapshot uses –link-dest; that’s a problem if your transfer gets interrupted, because it doesn’t create the hardlink tree first but instead creates each hardlink as it progresses through the backup. So if you abort the transfer halfway through then that backup dir is incomplete. Since my wife doesn’t leave her laptop on overnight, it needs to run on startup rather than at 4am like mine does, and she may well shut down in the middle of a backup.

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