Russell Brand apology

Recently I’ve been slagging off Russell Brand, because the association with Big Brother and the constant appearance in the gutter press really turns me off.

It still does turn me off and I do think he’s in danger of everyone becoming sick of it, much like nobody cares to hear about Pete Doherty anymore, but I have to concede that I had formulated my overall opinion without actually giving a fair assessment of his other work.

To give him a chance I had a few listens to his show on 6 music of a Sunday late morning, and I must admit that I find it very funny. Sometimes laugh-out-loud funny.

They edit it up a bit and put it out as a weekly podcast which I’ve been listening to on my way to work, and I know I must make this apology because it’s given me that “oh god I am laughing on the train and people are looking at me” problem at least once with every episode so far.

So if like me you thought there’s no way you could find this annoying reject from Adam and the Ants amusing, give him a second chance and have a listen to his podcast.