Can this person be for real?

First read these threads:

I hope for the future of humanity that “Police_Driver” is trolling. Choice quotes I particularly enjoyed:

“Often I put the rear seats flat, this reduces weight. (Like why you crawl flat across a frozen pond so as not to break the ice).”

“The rear seat thing, It is rare that I fold them down, but it has to be said that when folded they remove a bit of weight. Vertical seats exert more downward force because the energy is focused on a smaller surface area. When horizontal, the weight is spread and so is less per Centimetre squared.”

“The tyres thing, I am aware that this is technically an offence, HOWEVER, so is having dirty windows, an empty washer bottle or a two-toned horn. Tickets for these things are going to be darn rare, and if I were to be so unlucky as to get one I would be more than happy to pay the £30 and put it down to bad luck.”

Hilarious whether true or fake, but also rather worrying if this imbecile is actually on the roads.