Dear Lazyweb, Can you suggest an organiser/calendaring solution?


What I’m looking for is a simple organiser or calendaring solution whereby everything is stored on a server. I want to be able to put in details of TODO items, events and meetings via a web interface (so that I can do it from mostly anywhere).

It should be able to email me about upcoming events, with a URL to the web interface to get more details.

I also want to have access to it not only via the web but also via some kind of API that would allow me to e.g. get a plain text list of events/TODOs for the current week in my shell login script.

Can anyone suggest anything?


5 thoughts on “Dear Lazyweb, Can you suggest an organiser/calendaring solution?

  1. Thanks for your comment, but I don’t really want to leave the hosting of my data to Google, nor to have to become a registered user of their services just for this. I don’t think I would be able to get access to the data outside the web browser either, except by screen-scraping (but could be wrong about that). looks a little more exportable, but I still would rather host the data and application myself if possible.

  2. Actually, you’re dead wrong,…. Google allow you to pull your complete calendar as an (IIRC) ical file so while you can’t upload/sync into it like that you can sync it to almost any Linux calendar/script/tools/palmtop….


  3. mrben: thanks, shall take a look.

    D: fair enough, would still rather host it myself though, other than that would probably try 30boxes first.


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