Tyneandthyneagain loses Grand National at Aintree

Tyneandthyneagain loses Grand National at Aintree

Tyneandthyneagain becomes the 9th horse to die during the Grand National, and the 32nd horse to die at Aintree in the last 10 years. Tyneandthyneagain suffered a fatal spinal injury and had to be put down.

Only 9 of the 40 horses managed to complete the race.

Please think about this next year when you’re asked to place a bet or join a sweepstake.

Around 375 horses are raced to death every year. Some 30% of these fatalities occur during, or immediately after a race, and result from a broken leg, back, neck or pelvis; fatal spinal injuries; exhaustion; heart attack, or burst blood vessels. The other victims perish from training injuries or are killed after being assessed by their owners as no-hopers.

3 thoughts on “Tyneandthyneagain loses Grand National at Aintree

  1. This makes me sick! I wish the grand national and every other horse race in the world were banned and I would gladly make every person involved in this barbaric sport pay both physically and financially for what they put the horses through!

    RIP Tyneandthyneagain .

  2. Although very sad sometimes, racing is a fantastic sport and not all the horses are put down as “no-hopers”. Many go on to stud and enjoy a retirement as best a horse can. Some sports are deemed dangerous and some very dangerous, but horse racing is generally quite safe. I understand as an animal lover myself the heartache it brings losing a horse but these animals are bred for one thing…… Racing. If you can, go down to a local horse training yard and see for yourself just how well these animals are tret. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

  3. Horatio, why do you feel it is acceptable for humans to force animals to participate in activities they regard as “mostly safe”, for the pleasure of the humans?

    If it was an activity involving humans where only 9 out of 40 would be able to complete it and 375 humans per year died doing it, then would you be happy to see them do it even when they are not consenting?

    If you are willing to have animals undertake dangerous activities for your pleasure then you are not an animal lover.

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