Prisoners at Guantanamo are being force-fed

According to this BBC news article, prisoners at Guantanamo Bay are being force-fed using tubes inserted into their noses to pump food directly into their systems against their will.

They are being force-fed because they tried to go on hunger strike to protest against the situation they are in. One former prisoner says he went on hunger strike because he believed his food was being drugged.

The article also claims that any doctor wishing to visit the facility is screened to ensure they agree with the policy of force-feeding.

I hope I don’t need to explain my ethical and logical problems with force-feeding prisoners and interrogating them while they’re drugged.

Force-feeding was administered in a humane and compassionate manner and only when necessary to keep the prisoners alive.” — Lt. Col. Martin

One thought on “Prisoners at Guantanamo are being force-fed

  1. I am far from being a libertarian. I believe prisons should be hard places where punishment and reform are being dished out in equal measure. I believe life should mean life. However, I also believe in fair trials and that torture, in whatever form, has no place in civilised society.

    At the same time as US Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff promises a fair trial for Guantanamo prisoners accused of organising the 9/11 attacks, the CIA admits torture in the Guantanamo Bay prison camp. No words of mine can express the horror of 9/11, but by committing acts of torture, the US authorities have sunk as low as the barbarians who plotted and carried out the attack on New York.

    And Michael Chertoff’s definition of a ‘fair trial’ is interesting. A conviction can be gained by a two-thirds vote, not unanimity as in a US jury trial. The jury is made up of military officers not members of the public. The ‘evidence’, including hearsay and some obtained by coercion, will be allowed, “if the military judge determines that the evidence would have probative value to a reasonable person”.

    And some evidence will be not released to the accused or his representatives if it is deemed to contain classified information. Neither is the accused protected by the Geneva conventions. Groups like Amnesty International, who would release the most fairly convicted paedophile back into the playground with a slap on the wrist and bag of sweets, are quite rightly having a field day with this blatant infringement of human rights.

    Someone will be found guilty for 9/11. The US demands it, and will be extremely selective in both its morals and laws as to how that guilt and punishment is apportioned.

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