Moving on, moving up

I think I can finally say that I’ve finished working at Aspective and will be starting my new job at Venda on Monday 13th of March!

I’d been seriously looking for a new job since the start of January and had been generally unhappy since at least the last quarter of 2005. But I had thought it best not to rant about it in public too much for fear of getting really worked up and saying things I either didn’t mean, or would regret, or both.

Even now, when I’m out the door at Aspective and ready to start at the new place I think it’s best not to dwell on the negatives but instead to talk about some of the high points.

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I’m very pleased to finally be able to report some progress has been made recently on improving‘s services.

For a very long time, all of was running from a machine kindly hosted in Leeds by Energis Squared. We (well, Alasdair) had made an attempt to install Xen on it but there was something clearly not right in the networking functionality of the kernel because connections were randomly stalling for minutes or hours at a time. Most noticeably for our userbase, emails were sometimes taking 12 hours to go through the server and out to the lists, and the web sites were often unusable.

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