Linux Gazette — Configuring Apache for Maximum Performance

Linux Gazette has an interesting article on Configuring Apache for Maximum Performance. It’s a good read and I can’t find fault with anything said, although it would have been nice if it touched on some of the alternative lightweight web servers out there, especially for the static content, e.g. Lighttpd (now in Sarge backports!). But then, it was about Apache I suppose.

Luckily I also came across another article about using Lighttpd to serve certain content behind Apache.

Podcasts I listen to

The Ricky Gervais Show ^

All the cool kids have been listening to this one. If you like Gervais or his sidekicks Stephen Merchant (co-writer of Extras) and Karl Pilkington (their producer from Xfm) then you’ll certainly like this. It’s outrageously funny, though I still can’t work out exactly how much of Karl Pilkington’s insanity is scripted.

They’re up to episode 11 of 12 now but I’ve kept them all, so drop me a line if you’d like them.

LUG Radio ^

I’m sure this one needs no introduction. Linux news, reviews and interviews from some large Midlands gents with a humourous bent. Will also broaden your usage of the words “chin”, “beard” and “bald”.

If you have any interest in Linux and you haven’t yet listened to this one then do give it a go.

More? ^

Those are the only two I listen to right now — I just can’t find the time to listen to more, as it’s mainly only on my commute. When I start my new job in mid March with its longer journey to Leicester Square I may have to add something new to the list though. Got any suggestions?

Iran and nuclear weapons

port7, I appreciate what you’re saying regarding countries like UK and USA making commitments to reduce their own nuclear arsenal before requiring countries like Iran to do so, but surely you must see that as a liberal daydream and not something that could likely happen in the real world?

The fact is that having nuclear weapons gives a country a huge bargaining chip when it comes to diplomacy with other countries. North Korea has them, Israel has them, China has them, Pakistan and India have them. Iraq did not have them. If Iran did not have them (or were not close to having them), would they today share the same fate as Iraq?

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Optimus Keyboard: What a joke

Optimus MiniPreviously I blogged about the Optimus Keyboard, and how it would supposedly be available February 1st and cost “about as much as a good mobile phone.”

Well the site now tells us that the first product will be available May 2006, the Optimus Mini. The Optimus Mini has 3 keys. It will cost $100. Now that’s what I call the difference between marketing and reality.

Somehow I don’t think I’ll bother.