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Here's another IRC one. IRC allows me to meet many and varied people from all over the world, and be annoyed by them.

People who say “Sup?” as their opening sentence need to get a vocabulary.

It normally goes something like this:

*** luser ( has joined #channel
<luser> Sup?
<Comedian> The sky.
<Pedant> A direction diametrically opposed to "down", HTH.
<luser> Yo holmes whatchew on bout want me to bust a cap in yo damn ass?

I am not talking about the times when you say someone's name/nick and they reply “sup?” or “what's up?”. That is fine. That is normal. Someone has attracted their attention, they wish to know why. I am talking about those people who use “what's up?” as a way to start a conversation with people they have never met before.

What could we possibly say to you other than “nothing, you?

This is not a Budweiser ad. You are (probably) not the sole IRC representative of your local neighbourhood “krew” and/or “massiv”. You do not need to be gangster with me.

Sup?” is not the new chic was to say hello. It is lazy. We don't know what you want to hear. We don't know what you're interested in. Probably we do not even care.

Just say what is on your damn mind.

Or be abused. Idiot.