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No, Red Hat doesn't suck. This rant regards people who toss off opinions like "Red Hat Linux sucks" as if they are facts. They're like Linux bigots, except they are within the Linux community, being bigoted about their particular distribution. Here's some of the things they come out with:

"Red Hat is lame, leet people use Slackware!"

That's trading on the fact that Slackware was one of the first full distributions of Linux, and has always had a slightly more technical feel to it. It's always been a little more BSD-ish as well. But as to whether that is "better" or "more elite", that is totally subjective! Instead of hiding behind your distribution why don't you prove your leetness through competence?

(Looking back at this four years later, it's funny how you'd more often see Slackware replaced by Gentoo these days)

"RPM sucks! Debian's apt-get is much better!" your opinion. RPM was one of the first packaging formats for Linux (no, this is not an invitation for some glib twat to email me saying, "actually, tar-gzip works for me!" because I will only end up calling you a glib twat and deleting your email - RPM/apt-get has more functionality and exists for different reasons than tar-gzip). A lot has been learned since the introduction of RPM, but you can still do everything with RPM that you need to do. To use apt-get means using debian, and switching distribution because of packager is foolhardy. A truly competent admin will master their distribution regardless of packager.

"Red Hat is insecure!" or "I used Red Hat once and got rooted! It sucks!"

If you can't be bothered to work out how your distribution works then that is your own fault. Different distributions (and Unix variants) arrive out of the box with different services and defaults. It is your business to check that they are what you want and no one else's.

"It's all Linux underneath. You can make it do what you want." — Bruce Richardson

Or you can carry on whining about how leet you are because you use Slackware/Debian/Gentoo/FreeBSD/OpenBSD...

And before you say "heuheueheuheuheue you're a Red Hat user are you?" I'll point out that I've also used Amiga DOS, MS DOS, Windows 3.0 to XP, Slackware, Gentoo, Debian, BSD/OS and FreeBSD, and am usually far too busy actually running a system to participate in OS dick-size wars.