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Some people, it seems, think themselves to be comedians. Do they choose to explore this facet of their personality by trying out a few jokes on their friends? Do they spend many an hour down their local comedy store or other stand up venue hanging with the new crop of alternative comedians? Of course not.

These giants of the comedy world are just too funny for that.

They've found just one way to practice their art. They read my rants and then do the very thing mentioned in each rant, to my face, to intentionally make me notice the things I rant about.

I have an urgent newsflash for these people:

You are not at all fucking funny!

I realise that you're there right now, you're feeling cool, you've just read the Your/You're Rant, and you can barely contain the suppressed mirth at the thought of finding me and saying “Your a pedant!”.

Do not make me kill you!

I may have heard this form of “joke” before. Try to develop a slightly more subtle brand of humour.

Lee (“So What Now”) Evans may be able to help.