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Internet Time is an invention of Swatch. Now, much as I would love to believe that this multibillion dollar manufacturer of fine timepieces has all of our best interests at heart, somehow I find that unlikely.

No, Internet Time is blatant commercialism, and they are doing their best to convince stupid people that it's something they need. That in itself I have no problem with. I like blatant commercialism. So really this rant is directed at those who try to tell me that Internet Time is cool or useful.

Wake up! Internet Time is a pointless concept!

The entire usefulness of Internet Time appears to be that you can tell someone a time in "Swatch beats" (how cute, can we rename the unit we use for weighing steaks with a McDonald's McOunce as well?), so that no matter what actual time zone they're in they have no problem knowing what time you are referring to.

Hello!? Isn't this what we have Greenwich Mean Time for? Or UTC?

Yes, it is. But watches that can convert times to GMT have been done a while back haven't they. So it's not really very cool to say, "hey, my watch knows what time it is at GMT+0!". Well I'm sorry that GMT isn't cool, but I fail to see the point of inventing a new fucking system of measuring time so that we can be cool.

That is all I have to say on the matter for now.