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Yes, Tor intentionally anonymizes the true source very well. On the flip side, what are your REAL chances of tracking somebody through more than 2 or 3 hops across cablemodems, unless you manage to mobilize everybody by invoking one of the Four Horsemen of the Internet (copyright, terrorism, drug dealers, and child pornographers)?

— Valdis Kletnieks, nanog-l, 17/06/2006

Twenty-seven Muslim leaders write to you to demand the right, as Muslims, to criticise and denounce homosexuality. As a believer in free speech, I agree. But do they equally agree to my right, as a homosexual and atheist, to criticise and denounce Islam? And if not, why not?

— Dr. David Starkey, London, N5 (The Times of London letters page)

The great moral question of the twenty-first century is this: if all knowing, all culture, all art, all useful information can be costlessly given to everyone at the same price that it is given to anyone; if everyone can have everything, anywhere, all the time, why is it ever moral to exclude anyone?

Eben Moglen

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