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Why you're here

This article is targeted at someone who is participating in an ongoing Bitcoin trade on LocalBitcoins. If you've found it by some other means then it might not have the right context for it to make any sense to you.

You've most likely received a link to this article because you're currently in a Bitcoin trade with me on LocalBitcoins and I've pointed out to you that I can't trade with you because you have an unverified real name. You've then insisted that your real name is actually verified or that you've just now made it verified.

Please cancel the trade

First things first, please cancel the trade. By this point there is no way it's going to happen, so cancelling it would be the polite thing to do.

Your real name really isn't verified

If I've told you that the trade isn't happening because your real name is not verified then that means I have actually checked if it is verified or not. This is the sort of thing I see on your profile information:

lbc security info.png

You most likely think that your name is verified because you have typed it into the LocalBitcoins web site. Unfortunately that is not what having a verified real name means. You just have a real name. It only gets verified when someone you have traded with previously marks it as verified.

If you already have trades then you could try going into your completed trades list and sending them a message asking them to mark your real name as verified. If you don't have any trades yet then you'll need to find a trader who is willing to trade with accounts that have an unverified real name.

All of this is explained in the LocalBitcoins guide to the real names policy, a link which I've already provided to you.

If you were to get your real name verified by someone then we could at a later date have some trades. And I hope we do. But we can't trade right now, sorry.

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