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There will be an outage of several hours of all services from around 16:45 GMT Tuesday 8th August 2006. Users have known about this for weeks via emails to the users list and notices on IRC.


How many users will contact Andy between the start of the outage and 8:00 GMT Monday 14th August 2006 with a complaint or query as to what is going on? There are 9 xen customers and 4 web hosting customers. 7 of the xen customers and 3 of the web hosting customers are on the users list (everyone was advised to join the users list when their service was set up).


  • Andy: 2
  • Taras: 1
  • Popey: 0


  • No guesses to be added/modified after the start of the outage!
  • No faking it please!

Bonus question

Will GeorgeWBush contact us in some way to let us know that the site was down?


  • No goading GWB into doing this. It should not be discussed with him until after the above deadline has passed (is he still banned from IRC?)


  • Andy
  • Taras