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A record of the films and television shows I've made Jenny watch, and her overall thoughts on them.

The Project

This project was Jenny's idea, as she finds it quite funny that I expend so much effort attempting to make her watch things she doesn't want to watch. For my own part I am amazed at how much (of what I consider to be) classic popular culture she's missed out on. Even though my success rate is quite low I love it when I do find something that she unexpectedly enjoys, and for me this outweighs the defeats.

Jenny especially dislikes sci-fi and action movies, so these will feature heavily on the list.

Note that this page only lists things that Jenny was absolutely opposed to watching and only gave in because I continually insisted that she must watch them. Anything she actually wanted to watch will not be listed.

The List

Name Thoughts Verdict
Not without its good points but overall so depressing that I wish I could unwatch it. Negative
Asked for it to be switched off as soon as the first alien lifeform appeared. Negative
I liked it more than I thought I would. It wasn't like a normal sci-fi. Thumbs up
On first viewing, asked for it to be switched off within 10 minutes of start. Was convinced to give it another try and ended up liking it, went on to also like Blade Runner 2049. Thumbs up
At the start it seemed quite boring and I was wondering if anything was actually going to happen, but then later on when it got more intense and they started talking about their feelings it got better. Thumbs up
Mostly didn't like it, though the end wasn't too bad. The humour seemed directed at 15 year old boys. Negative
Far too violent, but redeemed slightly by the twist. Question?
Really liked it actually. Was dreading a boring war film, but this was more about the people. Thumbs up
Vague memories of not liking the character. Negative
Liked the way that Jack Ryan was so smart that he knew so much about the submarine captain and knew exactly what he would do. Thumbs up
A Swedish horror film. Need I say more. Negative
Good montages and a likeable character. Went on to watch all sequels. Thumbs up
Went on to watch all films. Thumbs up
Was just waiting for it to end. Negative
Thumbs up
Went on to watch all sequels, Wolverine, etc. Thumbs up


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Why are some of the opinions blank?

In some cases I've backfilled the list with things we watched ages ago and she hasn't yet remembered what she thought of them. In other cases she doesn't want to give me an opinion.

Are these all the films you've ever watched?

No, only the ones I've made her watch. Also we haven't got around to remembering all the things I made her watch in the 8 years prior to her thinking of getting me to do this.

Are they added chronologically?

No, only as we think of doing it.