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Information for volunteers of Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare who will be helping out collecting donations at the Wimbledon Tennis queue in Wimbledon Park.


The Wimbledon tennis queue is always a big source of donations for WGW but it is only possible through the assistance of volunteers and their hounds. This page collects information the volunteers will need about this event.


Every day for at least the first week which is Monday 2nd July to Saturday 7th July.

There is not normally a queue on the Sunday (8th) unless the first week has been rained off too many times.

We may also attend some days in the following week if we have the volunteers and the queue is still present.

The queue starts to move early so it is best if we have hounds present from 7am. The queue tends to have gone through by early afternoon so it is likely we will finish around 2pm. Some days it has emptied by 12.30pm. You do not of course have to sign up for a full day; any amount of help even for an hour or two is appreciated.


Useful places in the park. 'P' is parking. 'X' is gazebo.

Wimbledon Park.

You will be using the Revelstoke Road entrance to Wimbledon Park. The nearest post code for your sat nav is probably SW18 5NW but do check that comes up with something sensible. There will be stewards present near a barrier. Say you are "with the greyhound charity" and have been told to park in this car park.

For those without sat nav: If driving from so that you will pass Southfields tube (as most of us are), go across the junction into Replington Road, take the 2nd right at the Tesco Express into Heythorp Street then third right into Revelstoke Road. Carry straight on under the railway bridge to the car park barrier.

From this car park our gazebo is to the left next to a huge white tent.

If arriving around 7am the traffic isn't too bad but be aware that Wimbledon traffic will be a nightmare by 8am.

If on foot it's about a 15 minute walk from Southfields tube straight up Wimbledon Park Road - follow the crowds!

Our gazebo, unlike in previous years, is unfortunately at the far corner of the park from the entrance and the parking. We are next to a huge white tent which is visible from across the park. If you need assistance carrying your gear from your car, please come to the gazebo with only your hound(s) and ask for help from other volunteers.


On site each day your contact is Julie Higham, Debbie Ladd or Colin Brady (as indicated below in bold).

For questions prior to the event please contact Andy Smith either by email to wgw@strugglers.net, Facebook or as a last resort text or phone 07814 149683.

If you wish to bring a kennel dog you will need to check with the kennels if there are any available and suitable. If there are any then you will likely be advised to make it only a short day as it may be a bit much for them! Note that there generally aren't any staff at the kennels before 7am so you may need to consider an overnight stay, or a short visit in the late morning to early afternoon only.


Directions to emergency vet. Click for larger.

You must take responsibility for yourself and any dogs that you bring with you. On site each day there is a person responsible for the event as a whole (in this case Julie or Debbie) and for safety reasons they may make decisions including but not limited to:

  • Sending you and/or your dogs home early
  • Insisting upon taking your dog to the emergency vet
  • Calling an early end to the day
  • Cancelling a day ahead of time

Each day's organiser will be acting in accordance with WGW's Outdoor Event Risk Assessment procedures and any decision they make when enforcing these will be supported by WGW even if it later proves to be unnecessary.

Hounds in the care of the kennels must remain on lead at all times. Wimbledon Park is popular with walkers of off-lead dogs so other breeds are likely to be encountered. Only sociable hounds should be brought to this event and it is your decision and responsibility if you allow your own dogs off-lead.


Fresh water and shade will be available for the dogs so please use them.

There is a first aid kit in the gazebo. Any accidents must be reported to the person in charge that day.

Emergency vet

The nearest veterinary practice is:

Stone Lion Vet
41 High Street, Wimbledon
London SW19 5AU
Tel.: 020 8946 4228

On the right you can see directions as provided by Google. Also available in Google Maps.

They are aware that they are our chosen emergency vets for this event. In the unlikely situation that the vet's services are necessary please make sure the person in charge on the day is aware as they are responsible for ensuring your dog goes to the vet and may wish to accompany you. Please note that this vet has no parking, only a drive way. Anyone visiting the vet will therefore need at least two people so that one can drop off the dog while the driver finds a parking place.


This is just to give us an idea who to expect and when. If you can no longer make it, no worries, please just let us know as soon as possible.

The name in bold is the person who is in charge on-site for each day.

First week

Monday 2nd July Tuesday 3rd July Wednesday 4th July Thursday 5th July Friday 6th July Saturday 7th July
Andy Smith Andy Smith Andy Smith Alice Marshall Amy Phillips (with Eli and Wendy)
Dave Clarke (mid-morning) Ann Del-Pizzo (with Didi) Dave & Jane (with Daisy and Sally) Ann Del-Pizzo (with Didi) Andy Smith Andy Johns
Dave & Jane (with Daisy and Sally) Debbie Ladd (with Jack, Logan and Will) John Davis (with Poppy) Dave Clarke Bernadette Hoste (with Canela) Gavin & Karen Brown (with Jane)
Julie & John Higham (with Chip and Nicky) Denise Greenfield (with kennel hound Stevie) Julie & John Higham (with Chip and Nicky) Debbie Ladd (with Jack, Logan and Will) Colin Brady (with Morland) James Fryer (with Mandy and Marge)
Lesley Grayson (with Arrow) John Davis (with Poppy) Karen Webster (with kennel hound TBD) Jackie Younis (with Jessie) Denise Greenfield (with kennel hound Stevie) Julie & John Higham (with Chip and Nicky)
Lynn Parry (with Magic) Julia Renfree Lesley Grayson (with Arrow) James Fryer (with Mandy and Marge) Laura Fewell (with HRH Princess Rena (of Croydon))
Mandy Jones (with Lara and Tigger) Peter Wright (with Tiger) Lynn Parry (with Magic) Karen Webster (with kennel hound TBD) Mandy Jones (with Lara and Tigger) Michael Waugh (with Gemma)
Peter Wright (with Tiger) Michael Waugh (with Gemma) Louise Metcalfe (with Lenny) Michael Waugh (with Gemma) Peter & Christina Reynolds (with Boris and Elsie)
Matthew & Sarah Ladd Sarah McFarlane (with Pedro)
Sharon McLeod (with Remy)
10 humans, 9 hounds 7 humans, 7 hounds 10 humans, 9 hounds 9 humans, 7 hounds 8 humans, 8 hounds 13 humans, 13 hounds

Second week

Unknown as yet exactly which days we will be attending.

Monday 9th July TBD
Ann Del-Pizzo (with Didi)
Bernadette Hoste (with Canela)
Dave & Jane (with Daisy and Sally)
Denise Greenfield (with kennel hound Stevie)
Julie & John Higham (with Chip and Nicky)
Lynn Parry (with Magic)
8 humans, 8 hounds  ? humans, ? hounds

To be decided

Likely to be coming but unsure yet as to when.

  • Sue Sterling (with Rua)


The first time you arrive after parking up you will need to collect your parking permit from the volunteer in charge and display it in your vehicle. If you say "I'm with the greyhound charity; this is my first visit and I need to collect my permit" then the stewards should allow you in and direct you where to park.

We have never had difficulty before but if a steward does not allow you in without your permit, please ask the steward if you can pull aside somewhere, then phone the day's WGW organiser who will send your permit over. Once you have your permit it is specific to you can should remain in your car for any future days you attend.

Vehicle details

We have been asked to collect details of volunteer vehicles so that parking permits can be issued. If you have not yet supplied these to Andy then you may not be given vehicle access to the park. As long as your details were collected in time you will be issued a free parking permit.

Name Collected?
Alice Marshall (On foot)
Amy Phillips ✔️
Andy Smith (Public transport / lifts)
Ann Del-Pizzo ✔️
Bernadette Hoste (On foot)
Christina Reynolds (Public transport)
Colin Brady ✔️
Dave Clarke ✔️
Dave & Jane ✔️
Debbie Ladd ✔️
Denise Greenfield ✔️
Gavin Brown ✔️
Jackie Younis ✔️
James Fryer ✔️
Jill Baker ✔️
John Davis ✔️
John Higham (Arriving with Julie)
Julia Renfree ✔️
Julie Higham ✔️
Karen Brown (Arriving with Gavin Brown)
Karen Webster ✔️
Laura Fewell ✔️
Lesley Grayson ✔️
Louise Metcalfe ✔️
Lynn Parry ✔️
Mandy Jones ✔️
Michael Waugh ✔️
Peter Reynolds (Public transport)
Sarah McFarlane ✔️
Sharon McLeod ✔️
Sue Sterling ✔️

Frequently Anticipated Questions

What should I do before the event?

If possible try to get the phone number of the volunteer in charge on the day(s) you're attending in case there is a problem and you can no longer turn up. They'd appreciate a text message or phone call so they know not to expect you. If you don't have these numbers, please ask Andy for them.

What do I need to bring?

Blankets and water bowl for your hound. At least one blanket per hound is advised as we don't have any spare. There's a public water tap but our gazebo this year is quite far away from it (see above), so large water containers that can be filled at the start of the day will be useful.

We will have the gazebo for shade but if it's very sunny and you have an easy way to provide more shade (e.g. a small tent) then that will be useful.

Consider the weather. You will know best if your hound would benefit from a coolcoat or a coat for warmth. This year's weather forecast suggests it will be very hot so coolcoats or even a small paddling pool may be a very good idea. As above we have access to a fresh water tap.

Food on site is of the expensive burger van variety so you may prefer to bring your own. It's quite a long walk to any shops on Wimbledon Park Road.

Is there anywhere to sit?

Our gazebo gear normally comes with two foldable camping chairs. If you are able to bring more then that would be useful, otherwise when not standing near or walking the queue you may be laying down with the hounds!

Are there toilets?

Yes, there are two toilet blocks. One is near the entrance gate and the other is at the opposite end of the park.

What do I need to do?

If you've never helped before you are very welcome; there is nothing difficult and we will help you on the day.

Mostly it involves standing near the moving queue with a donation bucket, accepting donations, chatting to people about the hounds and giving out leaflets if they are local and seem interested. There is absolutely no bucket-shaking (this is not our way and it's also not allowed) or getting in people's way.

If the queue is not moving then we may walk down the rows of people who are camped, again just accepting donations and chatting about the hounds. If someone asks you a question and you don't know the answer, don't worry, just say you don't know and if there is another volunteer nearby pass the question on to them. If you're a volunteer with someone else's dog then be prepared to be asked what the dog's name is and how old they are!

There are bright blue hi-vis jackets for all our volunteers to wear and a number of custom-made racing coats for the hounds just so we can all look part of one group.

Take regular breaks in the quiet of the gazebo and enjoy yourself with the other volunteers and their hounds. Go home whenever you like!

Do what the stewards and police say even if it seems contrary to what we've done in the past - we rely on the good will of the event organisers and local council to keep being invited each year to this very important event. If in any doubt talk to the volunteer in charge each day.

Why only the first week?

The first week is by far the busiest and we'd like to cover it as much as we can. Depending on which names are left in the competition after the first week it may be worth it for us to also attend some days in the second week. We won't know this until the time, so we'll try to sort it out then if that is the case. By all means do let us know if you can only help in the second week; we'll contact you if it starts to look like we'll be there.

Privacy policy

In order to run this event we need to collect a small amount of personal information from our volunteers. By agreeing to volunteer, you agree to the following handling of your personal information.

Personally identifying information we collect

Names and email addresses of volunteers will be collected by Andy Smith for the purposes of organising the event. Volunteers are encouraged to exchange phone numbers with the person in charge on the day(s) they will be helping, but this is voluntary and between you and the organiser.

If you are arriving by motor vehicle then additionally Andy Smith will require your vehicle registration, make and colour in order for you to be issued a parking permit.

How we use your personal information

We keep a simple count of who will be attending on each day.

We may contact you by email to let you know of important changes to how this event will be organised.

We may contact you by email once per year to ask if you are able to volunteer again.

Information storage

Your names, email addresses and vehicle details (if any) are stored by Andy Smith on a private file server with an encrypted filesystem.

Andy Smith will retain them for the purposes of organising the following year's event.

Information sharing

For the purpose of issuing parking permits, we are required to share your name and vehicle details with Merton Borough Council. They use them only for managing the parking during the event.

Your name and the names of your pets are posted publicly on this page so that we can organise the event. If you do not wish to have your name on this page then we are happy to remove it, however the organiser on the day will still need to know your name privately.

Other than as mentioned above, we will not share any of the personal information you supply.

Removal of information

  • If you would like any of the information that has been stored about you with regard to WGW's presence at the Wimbledon ticket queue to be removed, or;
  • If you would not like to be contacted by email about helping WGW at the Wimbledon queue in future;

please contact Andy Smith and request this. Your instructions will be carried out within 5 working days.