Wimbledon 2016

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Julie & John Gaynor (until 9am) Julie & John Debbie Ladd Debbie Ladd Julie & John
Gaynor Mandy Jones Dave & Jane Anita Hawkes Jill Baker Tracy Forward
Lynn Parry Denise (with Flo) Lynn Parry Michael Waugh Sharon McLeod Gill Earle
Andy Sue (from kennels) ?? Andy Clare Graham Michael Waugh Dave & Jane
Lesley Grayson Andy
Clare Graham Sarah McFarlane


This doodle is from last year but the gazebo will probably be in roughly the same place.

The track above where the gazebo is marked is normally where they run the queue between barriers, and then it runs straight up the left edge. The queue entrance is at the right end of that track, where the trees go around the corner. That's where we mostly stand and the water tap is near there.