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The inaugural Strugglers poker night will be taking place in January 2006.


  • Andy (never played poker before in my life)
  • Matt
  • Phil (played a bit - but not exactly in the big leagues or anything)
  • Simon (also never played before)

When and where?

At Matt's place, about 7.30pm on Thursday 5th January 2006.

Game rules

We'll be playing Fixed Limit Texas hold 'em.


Matt will be providing the chips and each player will pay £5 for an equal share.


There will be an ante before each hand, a small blind equal to the ante, and a large blind equal to twice the small blind.

We'll be doing something like this depending on what chips we have:

Ante is 1 chip, small blind is 1 chip, large blind is 2 chips, small bet 2 chips, big bet 4 chips. Small bets are used for the first two rounds of betting, the big bets used in the last two rounds. Up to three raises are allowed per round, making four bets in total per round.

Real money

Whoever ends up with all the chips at the end takes all the £5s.

More information


An example of gameplay can be found at