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(Something interesting may be here one day...)
(Something interesting may be here one day...)
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* [http://strugglers.net/~andy/blog/ Andy's Blog]
* [http://strugglers.net/~andy/blog/ Andy's Blog]
==Hosting info==
We do some [[Xen hosting|hosting]] of Linux virtual machines in our spare time.
There's also a published [[Email policy|email policy]] for users with email accounts on strugglers.net.
If you're a user of Strugglers hosting you should probably be aware of [[User information|other sources of information]].
[[Hosting customer information|Notes for non-VPS customers]]
<small>[[Tim's Disturbing Head]] and the Tim's Disturbing Head Device are all trademarks of Strugglers.net and not even [[User:Tim|Tim]] may use them.</small>

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Something interesting may be here one day...

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