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This page has just been copied from the Blitzed wiki and needs some updates, which will be forthcoming.

Welcome to the GeorgeWBush FAQ. If you have any interesting (and true) information about GeorgeWBush or anything he has said, please feel free to add.

Please note that throughout this document GeorgeWBush may be referred to as "he", "him", "his" although GeorgeWBush claims to have no gender. Using "it" and "its" all the time would be really cumbersome, and GeorgeWBush claims to have been born male so we'll use the male pronouns for now. Gender-neutrality "is of lower risk" than choosing a gender.


GeorgeWBush is a user of the Blitzed IRC Network who has taken to talking with us in #strugglers. We find him very entertaining/interesting/mad.

We're not really sure of exact identity, but:

-!- GeorgeWBush []
-!-  ircname  : Golf
-!-  channels : +#strugglers #debian
-!-  server   : [Don't be a junkie...]
-!-           : has identified for this nick
-!-  idle     : 0 days 0 hours 4 mins 46 secs [signon: Mon Jul 17 00:12:25 2006]
-!- End of WHOIS

We have no evidence that GeorgeWBush is actually George W. Bush and "our" GeorgeWBush has in fact claimed that he is the political opposite of the "real" George W. Bush.

GeorgeWBush says he was born under the name Craig but changed it by deed poll in 2005 to Lindsay "as that is androgynous." He also likes to use the name Sarah sometimes, but this is not to be confused with the ircer by the nickname of SarahA, which he claims is definitely not him. He has admitted to using a nickname of SarahJ on occasions when wanting to appear as a female.

GeorgeWBush says he currently lives somewhere in the South West of England with his parents (Devon?). Previously he lived in a Christian House. He makes reference to ircing from a shed, which is also where he claims to sleep, and having to go to the bathroom in another shed. GeorgeWBush refuses to take pictures of his shed as he says that he is worried we may report him to the council for not having the correct building permission for the structure and its power feed.


  • " this time"
  • "I do not agree with that" (after being kicked for fuckwittedness)
  • "Now look, ..." (normally when he wishes to have the final say on a matter)
  • Pointing out when it is an "interesting" time, e.g. 00:00, 12:34, 11:11 etc., which he usually does with less accuracy than our own clocks:
23:59:52 < GeorgeWBush> At the sound of the tone it will be exactly:  Midnight
--- Day changed Fri Apr 22 2005
00:00:07 < GeorgeWBush> TONE
00:00:16 <@dg> 000007 < GeorgeWBush> TONE
00:00:18 <@dg> bit off there
  • "that is not good though" or "but that is illegal"
  • Referring to every channel notice as a "wide notice" despite being the only person on Earth to use this terminology:
16:16:22 -GeorgeWBush:#blitzed- WIDE NOTICE:  Who is the network manager
16:16:34 [notice(#blitzed)] narrow notice it is BELATUCADROS
16:16:52 < GeorgeWBush> grifferz, you send a wide notice back
  • Wide-noticing the channel "Ola" on join
  • "I know England almost always lose on penalties, but..."
  • Telling us what sort of behaviour is acceptable in our own channel, assigning US-style content ratings to what we say (e.g. "that is R rated"), and so on
  • "We're going to find them and we're going to smoke them." This is something that the real George W. Bush said about terrorists. GeorgeWBush now uses it with reference to Iran.
  • Singing on IRC. GeorgeWBush once joined the channel as both GeorgeWBush and DickCheney and proceeded to sing a modified duet of Fairytale of New York using both nicknames. (Log)
  • Deliberately using the world "nucular" in place of "nuclear" because that is how the real George W Bush says it.
  • Inserting obvious spelling mistakes to check if people are reading what he's saying. (Log)
  • Attempting to join channels that he is banned from when he connects. Perhaps he has them on auto-join as usually when he connects you see him joining several channels before chanserv promptly removes him.

Other things he has stated

GeorgeWBush says:

  • Gender only exists because of the materialistic society we live in "at this time". GeorgeWBush first claimed to have no gender, but now says his gender is unclear, that he does not know if he wants to be female, that being neutral is "easier", and he is "definitely not male".
  • Sex is purely for procreation and any other use of it is immoral.
  • He has not been diagnosed with a mental illness.
  • Darwin was wrong, and there are several competing theories other than natural selection (could not name one).
  • He does not celebrate Christmas because of its commercialism. He does not do anything different at Christmas because he says he can "visit anyone anytime" and it's all about "relationships and who has what."
  • He does not believe that much of the information here is needed, and has tried to blank it multiple times stating that "this is not your page", "this is a wiki and anyone can edit a wiki."
  • '' is not a domain name:
<GeorgeWBush> I do not have any domain names in my WHOIS
  • Believes in reincarnation.
  • He is against private ownership of property.
  • There has never been a true communist state, and it would be a good idea if there was one.
  • Capitalism is directly responsible for his housing situation.
  • Sexuality is a likely root cause of all human corruption.
  • He is unmarried as "he doesn't feel lonely."
  • He has never had a girlfriend or boyfriend.
  • Suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  • He lives on disability benefits.
  • In 2002 he spent £100/month for approx. 3 months on an unmetered dialup internet connection primarily in order to receive 24-hour streamed news from Canada. This was paid for by state benefits.
  • Multiple sources of 24-hour news are essential as "WWIII could start and we wouldn't know." He does not regard the usual free-to-air TV channels and radio stations as being sufficient source of news as he believes they are controlled by the UK government.