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GeorgeWBush is banned from #strugglers

-!- mode/#strugglers [+b *!*golf2@*] by philc
-!- GeorgeWBush was kicked from #strugglers by philc [irc is not a democracy]
-!- GeorgeWBush [] has joined #strugglers
-Crowley:#strugglers- [4734 / 8.0] <GeorgeWBush> I am banned from so many internet forums
                      that I have to use proxies most of the time
< GeorgeWBush> why was I banned?
<@grifferz> GeorgeWBush: this is your final warning.  you know you are banned.  do not
            evade bans.  if I see you do it again then your akick will be permanent.  now
            sit outside for a few hours more
-!- mode/#strugglers [+b *!*] by grifferz
-!- GeorgeWBush was kicked from #strugglers by grifferz [CAN you learn?]
-GeorgeWBush)- well it was only the ident that was banned and all I had to do was change
               that do get back in so it was not ban evasion as it was only the ident
               that was banned
<grifferz> regardless of what you can change, you know you are banned, you know you are
           unwelcome, so do not change strings in order to get back in.  changing the ident
           is as bad as using tor.  you know you are not welcome and you don't care
<grifferz> this will not be tolerated
<grifferz> either accept the channel's policies as they are or else do not use the channel
<grifferz> this is your final warning
-GeorgeWBush- all I said was that there was not a vote and that did not warrent a ban
<grifferz> we don't care
<grifferz> when you're banned you stay out until you're not banned
<grifferz> we don't care what you think about that or whether you think it is fair
<grifferz> if you have a problem with that, don't use the channel
-GeorgeWBush- I was not banned just now, your ban had timed out, Phil banned me again
<grifferz> yes I am aware
<grifferz> you still came back in even after being banned by philc
<grifferz> so don't pretend you don't understand you're doing wrong
-GeorgeWBush- that was as there was no reason for that ban
<grifferz> we don't care whether you think there is no reason or not.  we decide if there
           is reason.  do you accept this?
<grifferz> if you don't accept this then we can just ban you permanently as of now, to
           avoid any misunderstandings in future
-GeorgeWBush- that is not very democratic
<grifferz> again we don't care
<grifferz> we never pretended to be a democracy
<grifferz> now do you accept it or not?
<grifferz> I need an answer
-GeorgeWBush- I cannot tell you what the answer is as if I do you will ban me there
<grifferz> OK George have it your way.  I'll be banning you from #strugglers until further
           notice as you do not appear to accept the terms under which I am prepared to
           have you there
<grifferz> if you are able to clarify in future that you accept that I have the right to
           remove anyone from the channel for any or no reason then I will be happy to
           remove your ban
<grifferz> until then, please do not join #strugglers as you are not welcome there, no
           matter what nickname, ident, hostname or service you may be using.  ignoring
           this will most likely result in your being banned from the IRC network.

(No, I have no idea why he talks in /noticeAndy)