Link shortener, part 2

In the previous article I had some thoughts about link shorteners, and how I might try to implement one as a means to learn some Rust.

Since then I've made some progress and pushed it to GitHub. It will not be a good example of Rust nor of a link shortener. Remember: it's only the second piece of Rust I've ever written. At the moment it only implements a basic REST API and stores things in an in-memory SQLite database. I'll probably work on it some more in order to learn some more.

I've really enjoyed the process so far of learning the Rust so far though. I mean, it may lead to a lot of yak shaving on changing my editor to something that will pop up all the fancy completions that you see the developers on YouTube have. But other than that it was surprisingly fast to learn how to do things even if not yet in the best possible way.

Things I found/find particularly helpful: