Get with the programme

Apparently my lack of any particular interest in the following things is like farting in nerd church:

  • Doctor Who
  • Firefly
  • Amanda Palmer
  • Brian Blessed

Nothing personal against any of these people/things. I just don’t really “get” them.

3 Responses to “Get with the programme”

  1. mrben Says:

    Depends on the type of nerd. If you’re not a sci-fi nerd, then you can probably be excused the first 2 – Doctor Who is an acquired taste and has many different levels of fandom; Firefly is the best tv series ever made, though 😛

    I’ve never heard of Amanda Palmer, so you’re not alone.

    Brian Blessed is just bloody funny.

  2. Andy Says:

    Oh, I am a sci-fi nerd. There’s tons of good sci-fi and Doctor Who / Firefly aren’t it.

  3. Phil Spencer Says:


    I also especially do not like Firefly or Dr who and I have never even heard of the other things!

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