Mair, do you really have no utility bill? What about gas, telephone? Do you have no savings account nor pension? Nothing from a letting agency?

I’d say your best bet is still a utility bill.

I’m a Smile customer. I’m pretty happy with them, so I’d say it’s worth the hassle.

3 thoughts on “Really?

  1. It _is_ possible for someone to not have proof of address, particularly if they are married/living with someone, as bills are often in one persons name or the other. (Or if they’re still living at home….)

  2. No gas, no pension, no savings account (that’s what I’m setting up with smile). Phone and internet but they are all online only (although I think I can request a paper bill from BT, but if I’m going to order paper I might as well do it from the bank). Water is done through the flat maintenance company and I don’t see that at all. The letting agency that I let the flat through stopped dealing with me as soon as I moved in (everything is through the landlord direct) so they haven’t written to me here.

    I am not married or living with anyone or, well, I’m living at home by definition, but not with my parents. Bank ho tomorrow to see if the change of address has gone through.

    Not having lost the council tax statements would have been my best bet. Well, or having the correct details on my bank statements and electricity bill. Some dude came around to change the meter today and I marked the correct surname on his form, so they may get it right in future. It’s not like I have never had utility bills or council tax things, it’s just that I don’t have anything smile will accept at the moment.

  3. Mair: Hmm, savings account? Have you considered Icesave? Better rates than Smile, all done online, and I believe they just take your passport number (online) to verify who you are.

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