Vertical tab bar on Firefox 2.x

Having just upgraded my laptop to Ubuntu Edgy one of the things that took me longest to get working how I used to have (or at least how I like) has been the vertical tab bar in Firefox, since Edgy comes with Firefox 2 and the old hack for 1.x no longer works.

For years now I have used a vertical tab bar on Firefox. With the tabs going vertically down the left hand side of the browser window I can fit some 30 to 40 different tabs on one screen and have them all visible at once. Any site that I think I will use more than once I just leave lying around in a tab. It greatly reduces the amount of navigation I need to do.

So I wasn’t at all happy to find out that the hack I used to use no longer works. It took me about an hour of googling to find something that does work, by Johnathon Weare. Now I’ve got it set up I’m pleased to find it actually works a lot nicer than the old hack.

Nice work Johnathon, though your “2.0” name does not sit well with me!